Libraries RockBabies and kids through 6th grade can join our children’s Libraries Rock summer reading game!¬† All Hamden students in kindergarten through 6th grade will receive the summer reading bingo sheet at school this year. We have collaborated with the Hamden Public Schools to promote the importance of reading over the summer. All who join will have chances to win small prizes and enter for special raffle prizes of their choice! Bingo sheets are also available in the children’s department for all Hamden residents who wish to join in the fun! The program runs from June 19th through August 24th. Call 203-230-3770 for more information.

Check the children’s calendar to sign up for some of our fun programs!

All programs made possible by the Friends of the Hamden Library.

Wandoo Reader is available for those who would like to track their reading online.

Hamden Hall students can track their summer reading activity online with Wandoo Reader.

Summer Reading Bingo