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If eBooks are digital, why can only one person check out a copy at a time?
The" one patron per copy" loan rule was established by ebook publishers as part of their agreements to make ebooks available for lending to libraries. However, you can find many classic books by clicking the "Always Available" link on our Overdrive site. These titles can be borrowed by multiple users at a time, and do not count against your 5 eBook checkout limit.

What are the software requirements for OverDrive?

  • eBooks for eReaders other than Kindle require Adobe Digital Editions.
  • If you would like to read your ebook on a portable device, you need to download the Overdrive Media Console for Android, iPhone/iPad/iTouch, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry.
  • No extra software is required for Kindle users - Overdrive will direct to your Amazon account to download library eBooks.

How long can I keep my eBook?
You can choose to checkout an eBook for 7, 14, or 28 days. The default checkout period is 14 days.

How many eBooks can I check out at once?
You may have up to 3 eBooks checked out at a time. You may only check out 9 eBooks during any 7 day period.

What if the eBook I want to download is checked out?
You may place a hold on the checked out title. You will receive an email when the eBook becomes available. You have three days to download the title before it goes back into circulation.

Can I renew an eBook?
EBooks cannot be renewed. If you want to keep a book longer than your loan period, you need to check it out again. If there is a waiting list for the title, you will need to add your name to the waitlist.

How do I return a borrowed item?
You do not need to return a borrowed item. Once the lending period has elapsed, the title is automatically 'returned' to the library. Although the files will remain on your machine, they will no longer be accessible.

Are download files automatically removed from my computer or device when the checkout period expires?
No, you must delete them.

Can I return eBooks early?
Yes. If you have not downloaded the eBook to your computer or mobile device, you may return the eBook by logging into your account on the Hamden Overdrive Digital Library web site and clicking the "Account" icon. You will see your checked out items on your bookshelf, and titles that have not been downloaded will display a "Return Title" button that you can click to return your eBook to the library.

If you have already downloaded the eBook:

On Apple and Android mobile devices, you can use the Overdrive Media Console app to return eBooks early from your mobile device by clicking "Edit", then hitting the minus sign next to the title you wish to return. Click "Delete", then 'Return and Delete'.

For Kindle Books, you need to login into your online Amazon account, click "Manage Your Kindle," then find the title of the book you want to return. Next to the eBook title, click "Actions," then, "Return this book."

For eReaders other than Kindles, go to Adobe Digital Editions, click "Borrowed." Find the eBook you want to return, click the small arrow next to the left hand corner of the cover image, and select "Return Borrowed Item."