The Friends Used Book Store is on the lower level of Miller Library and is filled with over 10,000 donated items.  There are books, CDs, DVDs, audio books, jigsaw puzzles – for every age group.

The Friends of the Hamden Public Library sponsor this amazing book store and have done so for nearly forty years. A dedicated group of volunteers carefully examine all donations, shelve material by genre, and staff the book store.  All proceeds help support:

  • Children’s summer reading programs
  • Winter reading programs for adults
  • Museum and attraction pass programs
  • Special activities

This is a fabulous little book store with a great purpose.  Come explore and you’ll be glad you did!

Book Store Hours

Tue      11am – 5pm
Wed     11am – 5pm
Thu      11am – 5pm
Sat       11am – 3 pm


Your donations are extremely important. Your donations and support make an huge difference to the Library and to all Hamden citizens.

Just a few guidelines:

  • Drop donations off during normal hours at Miller Memorial Library.
  • Leave them on the book trucks by the elevator or by the entrance to the bookstore.
  • Not too heavy! Don’t put too many in one bag or box.
  • Gently used, please! No torn pages, writing, highlighting, or moldy material.


Contact the Book Store at 203.672.2068 when open or the Information Desk at 203.287.2680 when closed.