2007 First Prize in Poetry

It's no news to me
Carlene Barnes

Ok I'm awake
It's a new day
Presidents up to his same old ways
I don't know how much Iraq war cries I can take
Please bring 'um back the war was a big mistake
On the news all I see is corruption and destruction
Politics always bluffin'
Police always hand cuffin'
Funeral Homes making a big profit

Gun now and days are like pens in peoples pockets
A dead girl or boy on their sibling's pins or in lockets
Robberies cause people can't get money
Kids in Africa got diseases and they're hungry
Over there carving how many relatives they lost out in a tree
Innocent blood shed
In Iraq you got to make sure theirs not a bomb under your hotel bed

People supporting abortions
But throwing a babies out the window
It amazes me to see cruelty this harsh
Home of the free
Yes to show homosexuality on TV
Children growing up confused in this twisted world
Turned inside out outside in
Turning my stomach I think I'm getting sick again
Child molesters, Gay protesters
Everyone has their own thing going on
In this world something's always going wrong

I tried to block it out, shut my mouth
When I thought about what happened down south
When people were in wet circumstances
Took chances to stay
Houses, pets and families just washed away
People praying and hoping for a better day
When it happened I wish a big towel could fall from the sky
To soak up every tear that was cried

All these things are daily on the news turn your TV on and see
It might be news to you but
It's no news to me


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