2007 Second Prize in Poetry

Remember When
Kara Gilpin Pellegrino

Remember when sirens pulled up behind the car
and you never even knew they were coming?

Remember leaving the fury to hide in the fort
of steel, painted midnight blue?

Remember the bottle, the oil, the smell of
olive drifting across the marble?

Remember his hands grabbing the bottle,
the anger choking the neck as
it came flying down, down?

Remember when his hands settled
the dust
of the handle, of the cleaver,
separating him from us?

Remember when they were only
when this fight seemed like everyday,
before and after?

Remember when the argument started,
in the heated kitchen, rose to boiling
and came down to be about you?

Yes, I remember your story, but I could
never tell you mine, for

all I remember is forgetting.


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