The Library provides public computers in order to support the education and information needs of the community. We offer a high-speed Internet connection as well as the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite. Please read our Internet Use Policy for usage guidelines.

Computer use is free. Patrons can sign into our computers using the last 4 digits of their phone number. Sessions last 90 minutes, but time can be extended if no other patrons are waiting. Ask at the Information Desk if you need a longer computer session.  Anything saved to the hard drive of a library computer is erased at the end of your session. so please be sure to save your work to removable storage.

Computers turn off 15 minutes before the library closes and print jobs will become unavailable, too. We have short term (15 minutes max.) internet access terminals that do not require you to sign in that are available on a first come, first serve basis. These computers only provide internet access, no word processing.

Wireless service is available at the library. The library is not responsible for equipment brought into the building, and staff cannot supply technical support. A Wireless Access Fact Sheet is available for download or at the Information Desk for general troubleshooting.